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Castel Beseno, constructed on the top of a hill in a strategic portion for the control

of the Adige Valley, south of Trento, is an imposing fortified conplex, the oldest

parts of which date back to the XII century. Fief of the important << la Beseno >>

and subsequently of the Castelbarco family (1303) the castle finaliy passed into

the hands of the Trapps (1470) who retained it until 1973, when they donated it to

the Autonomous Province of Trento. After long and complicated restoration work,

it is now poossihle to appreciate all the features of Castel Beseno and it constitutes

one of the rnost interesting examples of castle architecture in Trentino.

The castle is defended by a massive " cortina " or joining wall along which the three

inpressive half-moon shaped ramparts which follow the course of the rockv hillside

were built, during the refurbishment in the sixteenth century which was  concluded

in 1534. The vast " Campo dei tornei " (Tournarnament field), erected for defensive

purpose and to quarter the troops, is also spectacolar and the only one of its kind

in this region. Inside the castle fragments of frescoes frorn a courtly series dating

back to the third decade of the sixteenth century preserved, while in another wing

sorne panel relevating to a cycle of the months  (sixteenth century) are still partly